Now or Never (Season 1) is the first season of Now or Never. The first season consisted of 24 episodes. This season premiered on July 26, 2013.


Team FireEdit

Team WaterEdit

Elimination ListEdit

24th place - Wyatt Grayson (Team Water)
23rd place - Demonica Bowers (Team Fire)
22nd place - Brian Luker (Team Fire)
21st place - Riker Dawson (Team Water)
20th place - Edna Potter (Team Water)
19th place - Amanda Boyd (Team Fire)
18th place - Roy Duncan (Team Water)
17th place - Zander Coleman (Team Fire)
16th place - Jake Schmidt (Team Water)
15th place - Ali Brock (Team Water)
14th place - Doris Walton (Team Fire)
13th place - Dereck Jenkins (Team Fire)

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