This is page full of main characters from the Kids Are Awesome franchise.

Main Characters: A-ZEdit






Character Name Seasons
Craig Smith Season 1-present
Doris Walton Season 1-2, 8-present
Lena Gutierrez Season 1-present
Lyle Wright Season 1-present
Andres Fields Season 1-present
Amanda Boyd Season 1-5, 8-present
Ricardo Massey Season 1-present
Maryann Webb Season 1-present
Victoria Lopez Season 2-7
Lawrence Murray Season 2-7
Stone Burns Season 2-present
Cristina Long Season 2-4
Dereck Jenkins Season 2-5, 7-present
Lily Brady Season 3-6
115 episodes
Oliver Little Season 3-7
137 episodes
Patricia Horton Season 3-7
137 episodes
Roy Duncan Season 3-present
137 episodes
Logan Goldenton Season 4-present
110 episodes
Frank Nelson Season 4-6
88 episodes
Barbara Taylor Season 4-5, 8-present
63 episodes
Jacob Cook Season 5-7
85 episodes
Zander Coleman Season 5-present 85 episodes
Emily Fox Season 5-present
Laura Becker Season 5-present
Jamey Winter Season 6-present 51 episodes
Darren Knight Season 6-present
Tom Gilbert Season 6-present
Gavin Jamison Season 7-present 22 episodes
Maddie Tillman Season 7-present
Callie Odon Season 7-present
Clinton Fischer Season 7-present
Daisy Berry Season 7-present
Justice Waterford Season 8-present 0 episodes
Elna Humbew Season 8-present
Merle Tanicia Season 8-present
Allan Kellinard Season 8-present
Blake Rodnert Season 8-present
Dylan Makabert Season 8-present
Jake Schmidt Season 1-present 136 episodes
Marvin Lawson Season 1-present
Sarah Bailey Season 1-present
Max Johnson Season 1-3, 6-present
77 episodes
Alyce Tablor Season 1-present
136 episodes
Timothy Alvarado Season 1-3
76 episodes
Edna Potter Season 1-present
136 episodes
Lucia Bell Season 1-2
48 episodes
Fredrick Tylerson Season 2-5
109 episodes
Sheldon Garnder Season 2-4
74 episodes
Keira Tan Season 2-present
110 episodes
Terrance Lee Season 3-present
88 episodes
Arleen Soto Season 3-4
52 episodes
Carolyn Andrews Season 4-present 60 episodes
Lula Negron Season 4-present
Nathan Weinstein Season 4-present
Rob Dobson Season 4-present
Becky Voss Season 5-present 36 episodes
Ian Stallworth Season 5-present
Pedro Rodriguez Season 6-present 1 episodes
Dwight Osborne Season 6-present
Patty McCarthy Season 6-present
Bethany Curry Season 6-present
Ricky Crawford Season 6-present
Dewey Bishop Season 6-present
Tyler Johnston Season 1-present 97 episodes
Candice Pope Season 1-present
Simon Brandt Season 1-2
50 episodes
Demonica Bowers Season 1-present 97 episodes
Wyatt Grayson Season 1-present
Anna Clair Season 1-2
50 episodes
William Landford Season 1-present 97 episodes
Heather Russel Season 1-present
Sydney Dix Season 2-present 75 episodes
Carmen Lindsey Season 2-present
Harriet Bruce Season 2-present
Calum Olsen Season 2-present
Leroy Moore Season 3-present 47 episodes
Drake Michaelson Season 3-present
Emilio Walters Season 3-present
Alyssa McDaniel Season 3-present
Niles Rockriver Season 4-present 17 episodes
Bertha Mathieson Season 4-present
Milton Boone Season 4-present
Ervin Greenhill Season 4-present
Brian Luker Season 1-present 77 episodes
Ali Brock Season 1-present
Matthew Mason Season 1-present
Charlotte Ginger Season 1-present
Theresa Bennett Season 1-present
Riker Dawson Season 1-present
Kurtis Moreno Season 1-present
Samanatha Mundy Season 1-present
Wesley Grier Season 2-present 54 episodes
Versie Dee Season 2-present
Len Rider Season 2-present
Wilton Hardesty Season 2-present
Latina Jernigan Season 3-present 23 episodes
Dawn Koch Season 3-present
Gunther Tomlinson Season 1-present 8 episodes
Mark Heckman Season 1-present
Terra Chrensaw Season 1-present
Angelina Seaman Season 1-present
Chantelle Brenner Season 1-present
Josh Henderson Season 1-present
Deuce Anthony Season 1-present
Zenia Jolley Season 1-present
Trenton McCarter Season 1-present
Lance Todd Season 1-present

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