California Killing Spree 2 is the second installment to the California Killing Spree franchise. It was released on October 19, 2012. The film is 128 minutes long, 149 minutes in directors cut. The film is followed by California Killing Spree 3.



Deleted ScenesEdit

  • 16 scenes were cut from the movie.

Extended ScenesEdit

  • 6 extended scenes TBA
  • Extended Garage Scene - TBA

Alternate ScenesEdit

  • Alternate Opening - TBA
  • Alternate Classroom Scene - TBA
  • Alternate Bathroom Scene - TBA
  • Alternate Abigail's Death - TBA
  • Alternate Billy's Death - TBA
  • Alternate Ending - TBA


  • Owen Stoneman, 13
    • Abigail Duncan
    • Charlie Prescott
    • Veronica Taylor
    • Melissa Gogan
    • Billy Thompson
    • Mark Walters
    • Christi Lucas
    • Vincent Gonzalez
    • Annie Bowers

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